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What's happened to Threads I'm on?

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nappyaddict · 26/11/2009 17:22

So up until yesterday I wasn't able to go directly to people's posts through search. You've fixed that and now I can't see new posts on Threads I'm On without individually checking each thread.

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ShowOfHands · 26/11/2009 17:24

Several threads on this already. It's being fixed, it's because they're fixing the other problems. Will all be sorted soon.

ShowOfHands · 26/11/2009 17:26

I meant several threads on this already in an 'oh isn't it annoying and you're not the only one to be fecked off with it' not 'you loon, read the boards' sort of way. Just so you know.

StarlightMcKenzie · 26/11/2009 17:28

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

ShowOfHands · 26/11/2009 17:30

Starlight, Justine posted saying they know about this and it's because they're finishing fixing everything and it won't be long.

nappyaddict · 26/11/2009 17:32

Ah i did look but couldn't see any other threads on it. Must be blind

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