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Help! Wierd pagination when typing my message

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glasjam · 18/11/2009 13:58

To start with, the cursor sits in the middle of the box, I backspace to get it over to the left hand margin, type my first word and then when I go to type the next word in the sentence it sits BELOW the line it should appear on until I hit the space bar and type the first letter of the next word when the previous word then jumps up to the line it should have been on in the first place!!!? VERY hard to describe, VERY hard to type and VERY bloody annoying!! It's happening now as I type arrrrrgh!!

Anyone else?

Or should that be,


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tvaerialmagpiebin · 18/11/2009 14:02

OOh I had this the other night. I was posting in Site Stuff too. It isn't doing it now though. My browser decided to have a funny, just afterwards, so I re-started it, then the problem went away.

You explained it better than I did BTW!

Fruitbatlings · 18/11/2009 14:11

Great explanation glasjam

I think it only happens when you start a thread for some reason but when you just post on a thread it's fine That what happens with me anyway...

glasjam · 18/11/2009 14:45

Yes, that's what I've just deduced when I posted a reply on my thread. Peculiar isn't it?!

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