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Is this a mumsnet ploy to make us all friends? I can't see who has posted

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nymphadora · 18/11/2009 10:20

They all just say

by Tuesday 17th november 10:45

or whatever

tell me it's not just me!

OP posts:
BloodRedTulips · 18/11/2009 10:23

i can see you're name is nymphadora

i find the fact that you don't know who i am childishly amusing though

BloodRedTulips · 18/11/2009 10:24

your .... that's what happens when you're watching Everybody Loves Raymond and typing simultaneously!

BigTech · 18/11/2009 10:25

So you are in a thread reading messages, yes?

Are you using New or Classic??

BloodRedTulips · 18/11/2009 10:36

that was BigTech ^^^

TrillianAstra · 18/11/2009 10:41

Hee hee, hello..........

You don't know me (I don't think) but how would you know?

christiana · 18/11/2009 10:44

Message withdrawn

nymphadora · 18/11/2009 13:08

sorry was on my iphone and the estate agent came.

I was on safari on my i phone on the new mumsnet. .

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