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Something unforgiveable has happened to my 'I'm Watching' screen

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BiscuitStuffer · 29/10/2009 19:29

Has something changed officially or is it something I've done?
I have lost the ability to view a list of answers since I last read a thread and now have no idea if there have been any further answers or not, without going in and actually reading it.

Also - something wierd has happened when i type a message - it will only allow 3 words on one line and then it all moves up.....

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Milliways · 29/10/2009 20:17

Mine shows that EVERY thread was last commented on by the same MNer - who hasn't answered any of them

hocuspontas · 30/10/2009 11:45

I've just noticed that bibbitybobbitycat is the last poster on 13 of my 15 threads I'm watching....

Is this problem known about?

RubberDuck · 30/10/2009 11:48

My threads I'm on is horribly big font now and clicking on any thread on either that or the main active threads page no longer changes the link colour - so I can't work out which threads I've read and which ones I haven't anymore.

I'm having to actually remember now - how unreasonable is that?!

RubberDuck · 30/10/2009 11:49

Ooooo... the font's gone back to normal just as I typed that!

Hmm, but still no link colour change... boo.

BiscuitStuffer · 30/10/2009 12:14

oh it's all gone wrong . I'm not enjoying this 'new look' AT ALL.

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