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Advanced search hardly ever seems to load for me.....

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GoppingOtter · 13/10/2009 20:14

it just spins and spins IYSWIM and maybe one in ten times loads..

whilst i am moaning

whenever i DO a search or go into 'threads i am on ' or 'threads i am watching' it shoots down the page so i have to scroll down through half a sheet of A$ blank , before i get to the lists.

Can you please help - it has been like this for a couple of months

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CaptainNancy · 13/10/2009 21:31

Ooh- hello you!
I like your current name... very regional

Mine is v slow sometimes too, but works most times. Is it your machine perhaps?

GoppingOtter · 13/10/2009 21:34

my machine is a macbook dontcha know!!!

my poshest friend uses gopping a lot!

OP posts:
CaptainNancy · 13/10/2009 22:30

Ah now... mine is also macbook. I find that because I only ever close it instead of switching off it gets a little fed up tired every now and again, and likes to be shut down and restarted... this often helps!

And certainly, posh people can live in the regions y'know

HelenMumsnet · 13/10/2009 22:32

Ah, yes, turn it off and turn it back on...

GoppingOtter · 13/10/2009 22:33

ooh thanks for the tip Captain!! I am rubbish and need someone in the 'know'

Give a hint as to whereabouts Nancy/??

OP posts:
Milliways · 13/10/2009 22:37

Otter - there is a thread asking for you now on Chat!

Milliways · 13/10/2009 22:39


GoppingOtter · 13/10/2009 22:39

ooh Milliways thanks for that!

OP posts:
CaptainNancy · 13/10/2009 22:44

Oh! Don't you know where I live?
Will email...

GoppingOtter · 13/10/2009 22:51


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