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What's this about a 'new swearing policy'

7 replies

Twiglett · 02/06/2005 16:47

think I missed a thread somewhere .. point me in its direction ol' gal

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darlingbud · 02/06/2005 16:49

me too. whats this all about please?

tarantula · 02/06/2005 16:51

me too didnt know we had a new swearing policy at all

WigWamBam · 02/06/2005 16:54

Swearing policy thread

sparklymieow · 02/06/2005 16:55

ain't we allowed to swear!!!??

motherinferior · 02/06/2005 16:59

Oh [expletive deleted][insert deity or sexual act of choice]

darlingbud · 02/06/2005 17:02

oh - only to be kept to a minimum though - I thought it was an outright ban.

Twiglett · 02/06/2005 17:39

thanks WWB .. that was great PMSL

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