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Do you think MN should let you know which post are linked to from twitter or any other social network?

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wotzyRegisteredTM · 06/09/2009 15:46

Would it make a a difference on posting ie to contribute or not? Like the hot topics on the index page.

Just a thought.

OP posts:
wotzyRegisteredTM · 06/09/2009 15:47

on twitter
Did you play it cool with your partner or were you hot and heavy? this one

OP posts:
BecauseImWorthIt · 06/09/2009 15:54

I must admit it has caused me to raise an eyebrow or three when I've seen threads I'm on being linked on Twitter.

Just have to keep reminding ourselves that what we post here isn't a cosy, private chat but that it is open to all and sundry to see.

wotzyRegisteredTM · 06/09/2009 15:58

Exactly BIWI, but there are moments when I forget that and have to keep reminding myself.

OP posts:
pleasedeletemeletmego · 06/09/2009 16:16
nannynick · 06/09/2009 22:18

Threads could be linked to by anyone, any website, any social network. Threads are rapidly indexed by search engines (especially Google). So if threads were marked in some way to show they were linked to by something else, then I fee that a lot of threads would show that link mark.

Or are you just meaning the threads that Twitter:@MumsnetTowers links to?

WotzNoMore · 06/09/2009 22:34

pleasedeletemeletmego, sorry you are sad about all of this.

Yes NN I mean by linking from twitter to here. But I'm not bothered myself as I can't be arsed to post anything ever again on MN.

Do all carry on.

pleasedeletemeletmego · 06/09/2009 22:53

I'm not sad really. More bemused that people aren't more aware of their 'audience' I suppose.

MN is the online equivalent of going into the street with a loudhailer. It's that public.

2shoes · 06/09/2009 22:54

I don't get twitter

WebDude · 07/09/2009 03:48

Nor me, 2shoes. Minor nuisance as I see some firms are doing giveaways of IT kit if one follows them on Twitter (and spots announcements), so clearly I'm too much of a fuddy-duddy to be in their target audience, now.

Don't think much of FaceBook or their rivals, either.

ABetaDad · 07/09/2009 03:58

2shoes/WebDude - me neither. I am fairly tech savvy and interested to see you both not liking/getting the Facebook/Twitter thing.

On the whole Daily Mail thing and people linking to here - well that is just the internet. Don't write stuff that you do not want the world to read and if you do write then make sure you do not give away traceable details.

There are a few key things I never give away. My name, my photo, anything to do with were I live that could be identified or even pieced together. I also never use the same name across Forums so no one can follow me about. Never use social networking sites and never tell anyone in RL about my online posting.

I think that keeps me safe.

Tortington · 07/09/2009 04:03

i get twitter, but it doesn't entertain me as a medium.

pleasedelete hit the nail on the head with 'bemused' that people aren't more aware of their audience.

not all together sure how mn would tell everyone that a particular thread had been linked to a particular site, and how they would monitor this.

if people dont want their shit all over the internet - they shouldnt post it in the first place

the whole argument is ridic - as with this partic part of the DM argument.

perhaps if mn writes to twitter telling them they have the copyright and to take it down.

WebDude · 07/09/2009 06:19

custardo it would be relatively easy to put a status line across the top of a thread saying "This thread is linked to on " (where gives the name of the site, and if possible, a web link to a specific post/ page).

When you hover the mouse on a link (on MN, for example) the browser shows the destination (as an example, assume a BBC web page).

When you click the link, Mumsnet takes you off to a website called '' and includes the web link to the BBC page. (I think is only used by big websites and when there's a link to some company site that pays commission, they replace the link to make it pay MN for the click)

When the browser has gone to the site, that will forward on to the BBC link. If it had gone direct from MN to BBC, the BBC web logs would show a request for some specific BBC page, and also can record the web link pointing there.

In the case of someone on FaceBook putting a link to a MN thread, the MN server would be able to have a record of the referrer page (on FaceBook) and the MN page. So if those were stored, the MN page could show a link back to the FaceBook page and 'warn' people that there was a direct link.

It would need some effort, however, either to check the web logs every day (which would mean there'd be a delay before MN could show the warning and link), or some code added to each page (a big overhead).

As with most technical things, there are possibly ways I've not come across to do it, which may be much more efficient.

I don't think it was a comparable situation - no wish to ask Twitter to take it down, though if some other site was slagging off MN, and pointing web links at MN, then it would be a relatively easy way to find the other site, but it's rare anyone would have the time.

There's a service called SiteMeter which reports on visitors to websites, and that can show me what browser was used, what ISP user is on, and even what they typed into a search engine to search for. But with thousands of hits a month, I tend not to look at the stats very much. Most web hosting has stats showing a proportion of the info, but grouped together so one can see stats like

Visitors by Country:
Great Britain (UK) 69.3%
United States 9.3%
India 6.8%
Australia 2.1%
Ireland 1.8%
Pakistan 1.4%

(details above were for MumsNet)

Flamesparrow · 07/09/2009 08:17

Does it matter???

You either want to post on threads or you don't. I have no idea how most of you found MN....

morningpaper · 07/09/2009 08:20

Pepople have to SEARCH OUT and FIND Mumsnet on Twitter, in order to read their linked-threads.

There is no difference to doing that, and searching out and finding Mumsnet.

I'm sure that 99% of Mumsnet followers on Twitter are Mumsnetters who want to get another angle on stuff going on in the site. I like having threads pop up on my Twitter feed.

2shoes · 07/09/2009 08:57

ABetaDad I did try it but it made no sense,.
tbh I don't care if mn is linked on there. I could go on fb and link this thread or I could google it, so imo it doesn't matter.

TheHeathenOfSuburbia · 07/09/2009 10:08

I follow mumsnet on Twitter.. because I use mumsnet. Would be rather odd for someone to be following MN and not already be a member. So the Twitter feed is no different, really, from the links on the front page or the round-up.

I follow MP too, cause she's entertaining!

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