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The Times wants your thoughts please

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GeraldineMumsnet · 27/08/2009 12:38

The Times is doing a light-hearted piece on the re-emergence of pick 'n' mix post-Woolies in shops such as WH Smith, M&S etc and would like to know your thoughts.

Did you breathe a sigh of relief when you thought it had gone or did your children regard it as a treat? Did you regard it as a treat? Any thoughts gratefully received.

OP posts:
hobbgoblin · 27/08/2009 13:24

DP says does introduction into small independents count for the article and if so can he be in it?!

MaybeAfterBreakfast · 27/08/2009 13:24

I have heard awful stories about Odeon pick & mixes (and popcorn) from a fried who works for them. Staff have competitions amongst themselves to sneak horrible stuff into them.

oneopinionatedmother · 27/08/2009 13:38

Am i the only one to be unconcerned about the health consequences of eating large amounts of snot (or worse) covered sugar?

I loved the stuff, though our local newsagent was always cheaper than Woolies, and unlike most of my classmates my morals forbade me from stealing the stuff. The local newsagents (Sweets N Things) was best, with the nice lady serving us strawberry bonbons, vanilla fudge and rhubarb and custards. We still talk to the lady there, and keep her up to date on our lives, she's very handy when I bake a cake and look for just the right thing to make e.g. steps (liquorice allsorts) people (jelly babies) poodle (candy canes + balls of icing)

I might add the thought of Percy Pig and friends being available in pick n mix is quite appealing. Though they're too good for children.

BumperliciousVsTheDailyHate · 27/08/2009 13:47

I love pick and mix, but does anyone else long for the days of proper penny sweets again?

We used to have a shop which had huge glass displays full of penny sweets, and you didn't help yourself, you told the shop assistant what you wanted and they put it into paper bags for you. They had those peppermint golf ball chewing gums, chocolate tools, white chocolate fish and chips, coconut mushrooms, catherine wheels, the proper bassetti liquorice sticks that you could chew on for hours, hubba bubba, ah the list goes on. That was a proper sweetshop.

FlightHattendant · 27/08/2009 13:50

Morningpaper may I direct you to thisthread as a potential fixture for thr round up. Preciouslillywhite has it right on the nose.

justabout · 27/08/2009 14:01

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

MarriedtoanOsterich · 27/08/2009 14:19

Rarely went to Woollies, but loved the fact that you could get the best of Roses and Quality Street without having to have the orange creams.

BumperliciousVsTheDailyHate · 27/08/2009 14:19

Can I come and live there justabout?!

cornsillk · 27/08/2009 14:21

I used to work on the pick 'n' mix in Woolies in the 80's when I was a teen. It was so popular it had it's own till. 'Wake me up before you Gogo' always reminds me of standing there all day every Saturday. How I envied the cashiers with chairs.

SolidGoldBrass · 27/08/2009 14:23

I am another P&M vulture who picks all the nicest ones out of the Roses/Quality Street bins. Also Woolies used to do raspberry ruffles and chocolate mint creams just in their own bins, so I would just ravage those.
And I am equally unbothered by snot and sticky fingers. FFS what do you think your immune systems are for?

TrillianAstra · 27/08/2009 14:27

I love the orange creams!

oneopinionatedmother · 27/08/2009 14:27

Ah yes, that's another thing - just getting the orange smarties....and the round coconut things out of allsorts, and removing the mint toffees (surely the worst of all toffees?)

waves to people from the Times, who may know me from such blogs as Alphamummy

RustyBear · 27/08/2009 14:32

Bumperlicious - do you live anywhere near Reading? Love this shop

SlartyBartFast · 27/08/2009 14:44

dd used to steal from our woolies pick and mix
perhaps it was because of my refusal to buy there? ... over priced, and disappointing.

paisleyleaf · 27/08/2009 14:47

It's nice when a paper actually asks for comments
We all know where we are then.

GeraldineMumsnet · 27/08/2009 16:28

thank you and hobbgobblin will put in a good word for your DP with the journalist and stress there's a whole article to be done, plus photo opportunity

OP posts:
RustyBear · 27/08/2009 16:34

Actually I was in WH Smiths the other day & wondered whether it was going to turn into Woolies - it seemed to be acquiring that rather jumbled feel that Woolies used to have.

kormachameleon · 27/08/2009 16:37

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PlumpRumpSoggyBaps · 27/08/2009 16:40

My mum used to work in Woolies about a million years ago and was sacked for pilfering pick 'n' mix.

And if anyone tells her I've told you lot I shall deny it.

cornsillk · 27/08/2009 17:57

Pick and mix isn't the same any more. It's ££££ and all brightly coloured jelly stuff. Woolies pick and mix used to seem like a real Saturday teatime treat. WH Smith selling it is just wrong. What is the point of WH Smith - how many different types of biros do we need anyway?

CMOTdibbler · 27/08/2009 19:42

Theres a proper little sweetshop in East Grinstead with jars and jars of different sweets that they weigh out. Fabulously, they are also a tobacconists, and have jars of pipe tobacco similarly dished out. But in a different part of the shop.

I used to get 10p for sweets after school on a Friday. Four fruit salads for 1p, or 2oz of Tom Thumb drops were my favourites

hobbgoblin · 27/08/2009 21:38

Fab! Thanks mumsnet. I'll happily eat pink mice and jelly babies all afternoon if required for any photo opp. thrown my way

oneopinionatedmother · 27/08/2009 22:09

that Tobacconists in E Grinstead is fantastic - proper stuff.

used to work at Sainsburys there. But hasn't everyone?

whomovedmychocolate · 27/08/2009 22:19

Our local shop and post office has the big old jars of sweets. We reckon some of them are pre-war (the sausage rolls certainly are ). Anyway those in the big jars are slightly less risky food poisoning wise than the plastic tray of goo in which poo ridden hands of toddlers have been for a fossick

I can truthfully say I have never looked at the pick n mix counter with anything but disdain

stealthsquiggle · 27/08/2009 22:21

I always thought of it as an incredibly expensive way to buy sweets, so never used it - so my DC have no idea how it works and I intend to keep it that way as long as humanly possible.

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