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Can you make a BODEN topic

28 replies

CybilLiberty · 25/07/2009 19:28

I don't want one just seems there are soo many threads about it, much more than, say chickens.

OP posts:
MitchyInge · 26/07/2009 01:46


flatcapandpearls · 26/07/2009 01:48

there are only so many because the sale is on.

tulip27 · 26/07/2009 19:58

No I agree with this one we need one place where we can compare and contrast. How else will I know what to avoid ordering.

policywonk · 26/07/2009 20:04

You could call it 'Fun Topic'

weepootle · 26/07/2009 20:07

... or Sassy Section

cornsillk · 26/07/2009 20:08


BadgersArse · 26/07/2009 20:08

yes the chickens section will go the way of "poetry" (ffs)

and who remembers the sandwich topic

Disenchanted3 · 26/07/2009 20:08

please do ...

so i can 'ignore' the whole section

cornsillk · 26/07/2009 20:09

sandwich topic? Really? I've said many times (well twice) that there should be a Keanu topic.It would be a place of sanctuary to celebrate his art.

southeastastra · 26/07/2009 20:10

aw sandwich topic was good idea.

no-one wears boden round here, even the yummy mummies. is it a south coast thing?

BadgersArse · 26/07/2009 20:11

there was once a cod topic

southeastastra · 26/07/2009 20:14

oh yes, that was funny

BadgersArse · 26/07/2009 20:15

and Justine changed the home page and I couldnt see it

like a fish outta water.

flatcapandpearls · 26/07/2009 20:16

Dorset is full of Boden.

weepootle · 26/07/2009 20:19

plenty of it in Wilts too.

cornsillk · 26/07/2009 20:22

LOL at cod topic - is it in the classics?

BadgersArse · 26/07/2009 20:26

God knows - that is Mn royalty kind of treatment

BadgersArse · 26/07/2009 20:28

It was called" what is so special abotu cod"
and there was a variety of suggestions

some posters got cross.

Plus ca change.. C'est les mêmes personnes

cornsillk · 26/07/2009 20:37

That sounds funny! Wish I'd seen it.

southeastastra · 26/07/2009 20:37

dont' take much for some posters to get cross. was funny

BadgersArse · 26/07/2009 20:38

adn i couldnt access it.
so they were weeping with pleasure.

cornsillk · 26/07/2009 20:42

I'm going to do a search for it. (saddo!)

tulip27 · 26/07/2009 20:53

Yes plenty of Boden in Hampshire.

TheProgRockGoat · 26/07/2009 21:00

i do think the whole boden things has go out of hand, i am partial to the occasional bit of boden but some folk have been crazed the past week or so.

i remember cod day, much hilarity indeed.

tulip27 · 26/07/2009 21:05

Can't find ths 'cod day' what do I put into search topics to find it?

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