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Official name change

13 replies

charleepeters · 21/05/2005 21:32

I started a thread a while ago asking for suggestions on changeing my boring chat name and happymerryberries just won, thanks to the Enid Blyton thread i am happy to announce that after this post i am officially


Well done happymerryberries you win!!!!

OP posts:
MarsLady · 21/05/2005 21:32

congratulations Auntfanny. lol

Auntfanny · 21/05/2005 21:33

That me Auntfanny lol

Lonelymum · 21/05/2005 21:34

Hello Auntfanny. This is not an entirely unexpected name change...

Auntfanny · 21/05/2005 21:35

lol!!!!!!! what are you saying about me lonleymum

Lonelymum · 21/05/2005 21:36
Auntfanny · 21/05/2005 21:37

well its nice to know what kinda girl you all think i am! has this anything to do with the cucumber thread???

Lonelymum · 21/05/2005 21:40

Might have

Auntfanny · 21/05/2005 21:41

i have a tendency to make most threads turn dirty!!!!!! lol

Pruni · 21/05/2005 21:41

Message withdrawn

Auntfanny · 21/05/2005 21:42

possibly he is v.grumpy and slightly on the mad side and his hair also resembles a mad scientist at times so you never know!

munz · 21/05/2005 21:43

charlee u cna't bee aunt fanny cos that's AF for short and we can't go around callin u that on the TTC threads!

Auntfanny · 21/05/2005 21:46

lol sorry munz the mob has spoken!! you can still call me Charlee on the ttc thread if you want it is my name after all, but i kinda like Auntfanny i dont know why, i suppose it says something about my personality!

munz · 21/05/2005 21:47

lol well u said it girl! ok then u're charlee with us then!

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