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Do you have strong views on controlled crying (pro or anti)? Fancy telling the world on 5Live tonight?

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HelenMumsnet · 21/07/2009 12:26

Hello all.

5Live have just called us to say presenter Rachel Burden - who's standing in for Richard Bacon - is going to be discussing controlled crying on 5Live radio tonight, and she wants to talk to Mumsnetters who feel strongly about it.

And we thought there might well be a few of you who do

Maybe you think it's a godsend, and was the only thing standing between you and sleep-deprived insanity?

Or maybe you think it's cruel? Or doesn't even really work?

If you'd like to share your views with Rachel - and the world - and are happy to talk to her over the phone tonight at about 11pm, please email [email protected]

OP posts:
CMOTdibbler · 21/07/2009 14:11

Strong view, yes. Talking on national radio at 11pm - can't manage that !

whomovedmychocolate · 21/07/2009 17:15

I have strong views but I'll be too busy trying to get the DS back to sleep to talk

TrinityRhinoHasASillyStepson · 21/07/2009 19:58

I have very strong views but sorry couldn't do it

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