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HELP! What's happened to the Boden discount code?

6 replies

MadameHenriHeureuse · 14/07/2009 20:56

Is it non-functioning during their sale?

And before anyone dares to criticise my choice of shop, just you try living with size 8/9 feet. Boden is one of the few places I can buy footwear.

OP posts:
MadameHenriHeureuse · 14/07/2009 21:10

Can nobody help me? Does this mean I am to be forced to pay the full sale price???


OP posts:
HelenMumsnet · 14/07/2009 21:10

Look here MadameHenriHeureuse.

Or mount a watch on the ads to your right - one of them is a Boden Sale one with a clickthrough.

MadameHenriHeureuse · 14/07/2009 21:16

You came to my rescue!!

I can't see a Boden link on that page, except the ad - and when I click on the ad the discount code isn't entered automatically. Hmm...

I couldn't find Boden on the page listing all the MN shopping partners, either - am I missing something?

OP posts:
MadameHenriHeureuse · 14/07/2009 21:29

Okay, just called them and they've said their discount codes aren't working during the sale. Fair enough, but bummer, eh?

OP posts:
HelenMumsnet · 14/07/2009 21:41

oh, sorry - I didn't know that

MrsMerryHenry · 16/07/2009 20:50

Thanks! Got some lovely clothes, so I'm very happy.

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