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Why can't I have a gander at anyone's pictures?

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stripes200 · 08/07/2009 14:23

All I get is a grey box where the photo should be and the words "Sorry we can't find that picture"

I wanna look too!


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HelenMumsnet · 08/07/2009 15:09

That's odd, Stripes200 - all seems to be OK from this end.

Is it happening every time you click on the pictures link?

stripes200 · 08/07/2009 16:08

Yep, whenever I go into anyone's profile and try to look any photos they don't seem to be there.

Could it be something to do with my browser, I use mozilla, does that have known probs with MN?

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stripes200 · 08/07/2009 16:13

No, not that, I just opened another window, using internet explorer, and it doesn't work with that either.

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HelenMumsnet · 08/07/2009 16:15

Hmm. Do you have an ad blocker?

stripes200 · 08/07/2009 16:19

I do have a security thing which is set to block all sorts after DD bounced in and announced she and a friend had been playing sex games

It could very well be that.

I will investigate that and see if I can make it allow everything from this site.

Thanks Helen.

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