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Internet Explorer is telling me that MN has errors.

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PerfectPrefect · 06/07/2009 22:43

It does seem to be causing me a problem, but I have the little yellow triangle in the bottom left telling me that it is "Done, with errors on the page"

FYI when I double click it referrs to
Line 2
Charachter 7
Invalid character

When I am on this page...

Like I say it isn't causing me a problem but it obviously isn't happy.

OP posts:
PerfectPrefect · 06/07/2009 22:44

Once I have posted it is
line 421
Character 1
"null" is null or not an object.


OP posts:
TrillianAstra · 06/07/2009 22:46

Get Firefox. That'll fix it.

JustineMumsnet · 06/07/2009 23:04

What! can you tell us what version of the browser you're on plse so we can check out? (If it's IE version 6 I'm told by Techs (on a daily basis) that you should upgrade pronto)

PerfectPrefect · 06/07/2009 23:19

Erm, umm, can't remember how to check. I think it is 7 (or maybe 8?) the one with tabbed browsing

Like I say it doesn't coasue me any bother....just thought I would let you know that something isn't quite right

OP posts:
PerfectPrefect · 06/07/2009 23:21

Juts fiddled a bit....tis IE7

OP posts:
Bleatblurt · 06/07/2009 23:24

Oh yeah, mine has that too. Hadn't noticed it.

JustineMumsnet · 10/07/2009 00:51

Ok will let techs know. Txs.

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