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ok how do I unhide a thread

4 replies

2shoes · 24/05/2009 12:21

as I can't work it out

OP posts:
Flame · 24/05/2009 12:28

I think you go into customise, then threads you've hidden, and there is an unhide option next to it.

Tee2072 · 24/05/2009 12:29

go here

You'll see the list of all the threads you've hidden near the bottom of the screen. Find the thread, click show and VIOLA! Its unhidden!

2shoes · 24/05/2009 16:06

thanks now I can see it againe

OP posts:
BCNS · 24/05/2009 16:07

lol 2 shoe I've done that and had to ask how to get it back

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