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YetMoreTech · 19/05/2009 23:31

Some of you will have noticed we've been offline a bit over the last few days for some brief periods. You will be pleased to now that we've increased the size of the hamster wheel and sprinkled some little blue pills in the feed tray and we're hopefully now in much better shape.

Just to put your collective mind at ease - it was not a result of viscous attacks from shadowy corners but rather a mahoosive load of work in the corner of a dusty old data centre stuck alone with flashing lights and that odd clunking noise.

Clearly a few young posters have been a bit upset over the last few days and have had a little dig, but we're going to let that slide. However... we wish it to be known that MN is a lovely place full of vipers well-meaning parents who are smart enough not to provoke hackers, freedom fighters, or geese.

So instead of conspiracy theories and winding up people whose dad's might be bigger than someone else's dads, have a look at this instead [give it a second to load].

(I had a little help... thanks matey!)

OP posts:
FluffyBunnyGoneBad · 19/05/2009 23:33

PMSL! I missed the vipers. What's been going on?

BoysAreLikeDogs · 19/05/2009 23:33

I heart you


S1ur · 19/05/2009 23:33
kormachameleon · 19/05/2009 23:34

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Mamazon · 19/05/2009 23:35

haha very good. well done

nevergoogledragonbutter · 19/05/2009 23:35

bloody cheek.

tigana · 19/05/2009 23:36

Bah! You think you know us??!!

Oh...wait..chocolate... and lolcats jokes ...

silkcushion · 19/05/2009 23:36

nuff said

littlelamb · 19/05/2009 23:39

Where do I get one of those 'shut the fuck up' mugs??

BoysAreLikeDogs · 19/05/2009 23:40

I want one too, v drole

Bleatblurt · 19/05/2009 23:40

Cheeky sod!

gigglewitch · 19/05/2009 23:41


KingCanuteIAm · 19/05/2009 23:42

Very good Yet More Tech

Not quite as good as the red rug one - but an excellent effort on short notice

but yours had my fav torso in it so it has to win by a six pack head [drool]

Jaquelinehyde · 19/05/2009 23:42

Oh for God's sake why do I always manage to miss it all.

I do love it when MN towers has a little dig at people though in a nice way obviously. Vipers the lot of em

S1ur · 19/05/2009 23:43

one of many many

alphamummy · 19/05/2009 23:43

where was the bat????

S1ur · 19/05/2009 23:44

I shot the bat.


littlelamb · 19/05/2009 23:45

Ooo lovely Slur.
That's 5 pressies off the old christmas list...

scottishmummy · 19/05/2009 23:46

hate the fuckin bat and its cliquey gushy we-got-a-joke teehee appearances

LastOrders · 19/05/2009 23:46

That cat looked human! Agh!

But you missed out the bat...

littlelamb · 19/05/2009 23:47


S1ur · 19/05/2009 23:47

I do a nice line in stuffed much adored mascots, only slightly borken.

Anyone wanna a nice bat? get em while they're hot!

scottishmummy · 19/05/2009 23:48

i'll do a bat up its arse if it reappears

LastOrders · 19/05/2009 23:48

Now now, scottishmummy

KingCanuteIAm · 19/05/2009 23:50

SM, you know it is going to have to reappear now, just to test your resolve

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