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Why are there posts made in the future on MN??????

5 replies

mosschops30 · 19/05/2009 10:16

Some posts are for 10.47am even though its only 10.15

OP posts:
PestoMonster · 19/05/2009 10:22

'Tis bizarre, n'est pas?

I'm sick of seeing the same old threads stuck in the same positions in Active Convos too.

HelenMumsnet · 19/05/2009 10:42

Oh dear, oh dear. Sorry. It's all a bit spooky, isn't it - although Gerry's just said it's no surprise because Mumsnetters are always ahead of the times. Arf.

We're on the case, promise...

Joggler · 19/05/2009 10:42

Gerry - you card.

How is JOggling today?

YetMoreTech · 19/05/2009 10:54

All will be revealed

InternationalFlight · 19/05/2009 17:19

Dum da da da dum da da da dum da da da dum da Wahh OOOOOOOOO


doo doo dooooo da dooo dadoooo

da dum da da da dum da da da dum da da

Did anyone get that? Or shall I sing it again?

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