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my 'HIDE' button is broken - how about the rest of you?

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gigglewitch · 18/05/2009 00:36

it says that it has hidden thread bla bla ...but the thread still appears in active convos. Even after a couple of refreshes. Whasssgoinon?

OP posts:
Uriel · 18/05/2009 00:41

You've obviously exceeded your quota. Only so many threads they can hide, y'know.

Mine's working.

S1ur · 18/05/2009 00:42

Yup mine works too.

It is because you are a quiche.

If you live in a quiche you must be subject to all other quiches.

S1ur · 18/05/2009 00:43

more importantly.....

wotcha hiding eh?

gigglewitch · 18/05/2009 00:47

really do I have a quota

hello my slut r friend

Am hiding all the threads which have anything to do with babies. Thank you.

OP posts:
OliviaMumsnet · 18/05/2009 16:24

Idon't think there really is a quota!
Are you still having this problem gw?

gigglewitch · 18/05/2009 20:39

now I'm confused (doesn't take much, before slur say so)
It works fine now.

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