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Can we have Graham Norton please?

51 replies

dizzydixies · 16/05/2009 23:12

MNHQ can you please get Graham Norton on for a livechat for some very important eemmmm, errrr, Eurovisiongossip mothering advice, he's amused us all immensely tonight

OP posts:
BecauseImWorthIt · 16/05/2009 23:13


domesticallychallenged · 16/05/2009 23:13

oh yes please - love GN

FabulousBakerGirl · 16/05/2009 23:13

yes yes yes yes

xfabba · 16/05/2009 23:15

yep - terry who?

tillyfernackerpants · 16/05/2009 23:15

Yes please!!

OllieWollieWoo · 16/05/2009 23:15

Please, pretty please? I luv him!

Wonderstuff · 16/05/2009 23:16

Can we please, can we??

Stilla · 16/05/2009 23:16

Yes -we love Graham Norton

PurplePillow · 16/05/2009 23:16

It would be bloody amazing

Yurtgirl · 16/05/2009 23:16

Was he good at Terry's old job then?
Did you miss Terry at all?

I havent got tv so didnt see it - just listening to Ken finishing his radio 2 bit now

A mumsnet chat with Graham would be fab

mynaughtylittlesister · 16/05/2009 23:16

was that the commentator tonight? Obviously have had things on my mind but couldn't put my finger on who's voice it was! Crumbs I am useless! Obviously I knew it wasn't Terry Wogan!

spamm · 16/05/2009 23:16

Yes, please, he was fab. Love his sarcasm and sure he has lots of advice on raising daughters to avoid blue eyeshadow.

dizzydixies · 16/05/2009 23:17

yurtgirl he was excellent, took no prisoners which was just what was needed along with graciously acknowledging everyone missing Tel

OP posts:
TheNatty · 16/05/2009 23:18

yes please!!

dizzydixies · 16/05/2009 23:18

spamm I could definately do with some blue eyeshadow advice for DD1 who will be 5 in july

OP posts:
YanknCock · 16/05/2009 23:18

Loved him tonight!

SlartyBartFast · 16/05/2009 23:25

he is great

FluffyBunnyGoneBad · 16/05/2009 23:29

I'm sure he does an advice/agony uncle column in a newspaper somewhere.

dizzydixies · 16/05/2009 23:31

OMG could you imagine

Dear Graham, AIBU in saying no when my DH asks me to have bumsex with him? thanks

utter brilliance!

OP posts:
FluffyBunnyGoneBad · 16/05/2009 23:33

I think it's the independant on saturday/sunday. They are real problems though (My husband's an arse type thing). He's really good, straight to the point.

spamm · 16/05/2009 23:33


Dear Graham, AIBU in cringing when my mil wears sequins to the pub? What would you do?

dizzydixies · 16/05/2009 23:36

we need him on here for our moral and spiritual guidance

Dear Graham

I want to call the baby Fifi-Trixiebell Diamante Dior Bunny Smith but everytime I mention it to my bestfriend forever she says I need another middle name to even it out should I tell her to mind her own business or AIBU?

tia cnt wait 4 ur reply hun

OP posts:
KayHarkerDoesNotSimper · 16/05/2009 23:39


I heart Graham in a proper, catty GBF kind of way.

FluffyBunnyGoneBad · 16/05/2009 23:40

We need Gok for some style tips aswell please. He's soo fab.

CatherineMumsnet · 17/05/2009 18:45

Hi, yes we'll give getting Graham a go (and we're also still trying for Gok)

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