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MORNINGPAPER (and the rest of you)

4 replies

MadamAnt · 08/05/2009 14:41

What a stonkingly good round up. I've been roffling hard.

You are a funny lot.

OP posts:
morningpaper · 08/05/2009 14:42

this is my FAVOURITE sort of thread

Thank you, I AM glad that someone reads it you liked it

Pinkjenny · 08/05/2009 14:44

I get ridiculously excited when it lands in my inbox. It does upset me, somewhat, that the, erm, 'roffling' that then ensues at my desk does nothing to conceal my MNing and lack of working.

SparkleMotion · 08/05/2009 14:45

It wasn't that good as I wasn't on it.....!

Did spray tea at the Spot thread comments though, as I hadn't bothered reading the thread before

scoobi6 · 08/05/2009 20:48

I always have a roundup induced roffle on a friday, it brightens up the day!

But today I was practically bouncing round the office and trying very hard not to out myself, cos dd was in it, yay! So it was particularly excellent this week, thanks mp

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