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Was a decision ever made about changing the title of "miscarriage" topic to "pregnancy loss"?

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OracleInaCoracle · 16/04/2009 10:02


the antenatal topic is up and running now, and some v good points were made in the original thread re pg loss. i often feel uncomforyable posting in mc especially if i am talking about my ep because it was a totally different experience

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OracleInaCoracle · 16/04/2009 18:03


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JustineMumsnet · 16/04/2009 18:36

Hi lissielou, Either I've forgotten about this (quite possible sadly) or it passed me by - could you perhaps point to the thread where it's been raised?

OracleInaCoracle · 16/04/2009 18:45

cripes justine, it was quite a while ago, will have a mooch.

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OracleInaCoracle · 16/04/2009 18:53

tahdah see, professional mn-ing has paid off!

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JustineMumsnet · 16/04/2009 22:07

Thanks lissielou - will have a good look tomorrow.

OracleInaCoracle · 16/04/2009 22:54

thank you.

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Bleatblurt · 16/04/2009 23:12

Oh re-naming it to pregnancy loss would be great! I've had a 36 week stillbirth and when I joined here I didn't really feel there was anywhere to talk about it. I know there's a bereavement forum but it just didn't feel right in there (for me).

OracleInaCoracle · 17/04/2009 08:09

hi, butterball, just want to say Im so sorry for your loss. I can't imagine how hard it must be x

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JustineMumsnet · 17/04/2009 15:58

Hi all for boring tech reasons we can't rename this topic entirely so we're going to call it Micarriage/ pregnancy loss - hope that's OK.

OracleInaCoracle · 17/04/2009 16:02

thats brilliant. thank you.

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