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Does anyone use the save/load favourites function in Advanced search?

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JustineMumsnet · 24/03/2009 16:39

Or can we take it off because it's a bit confusing we think?

OP posts:
KristinaM · 24/03/2009 16:42

i use it

but i can cope with you removing it

newnamer · 24/03/2009 16:49

I use it very regularly. I have my favourites saved, and I really hate it when I have to scroll through the massive long list to find the individual topics.
Please don't take it off but you could replace it with a general topic however e.g. I have education, primary ed, and secondary edn saved. It would be easier just to have "Education" with all the sub-topics...

catinthehat1 · 24/03/2009 17:47

It was waaaaaay too complicated and fiddly to use & I was never convinced it actually worked either. Here, have my pitchfork, you can kill it now.

singersgirl · 24/03/2009 17:47

I use it, because I'm only interested in a few sections and it's a real pain to look down all that long list, particularly with all the Mumsnet local listings which seem to go on forever.

NoNickname · 24/03/2009 18:02

I use it too.

elvislives · 24/03/2009 18:16

I use it but haven't been able to since the changes

SpringySunshine · 24/03/2009 18:23

I use it & don't find it very confusing

SuperBunny · 24/03/2009 18:23

I don't use it but I do like being able to select the topics you want to search.

KingCanuteIAm · 24/03/2009 18:41

I don't use it and wouldn't use it but I don't think it is confusing to use. I did have a play with it and found it quite easy to get to grips with.

Why remove it? Is it causing trouble or taking up space?

NoNickname · 24/03/2009 19:19

If you keep it, can I recommend a change to it? It would be far easier to use if the categories were in alphabetical order.

MamaG · 24/03/2009 19:26


ahundredtimes · 24/03/2009 19:45

no don't use it

BecauseImWorthIt · 24/03/2009 20:08

Don't even know what it is!

Gorionine · 24/03/2009 20:09

I had not even realised it existed!Had never scrolled down that much!

poopscoop · 24/03/2009 20:11

bit too confusing for me, so no

poopscoop · 24/03/2009 20:11

bit too confusing for me, so no

Bumperlicioso · 24/03/2009 20:34


CantSleepWontSleep · 24/03/2009 20:42

Occasionally, but not enough that I'd miss it.

Tigerschick · 24/03/2009 20:43

No, I don't use it as I've never really understood why you would use it.
Why do you want to get rid of it, tho?

MrsSprat · 24/03/2009 20:46

never 'eard of it mate!

I use customise and 'hide' topics to get rid of all the really boring irrelevant to me at-this-time-in-my-life sections and the scab-picky ones I need to stay away from

NotanOtter · 24/03/2009 21:15

i use it but never too sure if it works

nannynick · 24/03/2009 21:16

Yes, I use it to limit searches to my favourite board.
If you were to remove the feature, would it still be possible to search a specific board?

Perhaps you could remove it from Advanced Search, but create a new search page called Expert Search - for those of us who still like that feature.

foxytocin · 24/03/2009 21:28

i use it. great function. don't lose it.

Jux · 24/03/2009 21:36

Didn't even know it was there until now!

weebump · 24/03/2009 22:08

The what?

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