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How do you pay CAT and can you still SELL on MN?

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hereidrawtheline · 19/03/2009 21:20

Cant find them at the moment?

I know you have to have CAT to sell dont you. I dont have CAT so will have to sort that but I want to try to sell some stuff. Which way do I go?

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Shhhh · 20/03/2009 21:12

if you go onto the for sale threads (go to the talk pages and its at the bottom.)

Click on "for sale" and it will show all a topic and it automatically tells you that you can't sell till you subscribe to CAT, it then gives you a link to pay sub's.

hth x

hereidrawtheline · 21/03/2009 12:01

thank you! I found it! I really seemed to have lost my powers of perception lately! LOL

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Shhhh · 21/03/2009 13:59


hereidrawtheline · 21/03/2009 18:03

it is like some sort of pregnancy brain mush except I havent been pregnant in years, thank god. Just general inability to process solid thought!

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