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Is anyone else having problems with MN at the moment?

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TickleMe · 25/02/2009 10:14

The first post of every thread is miles down the page with a big white gap in between the thread title and first post

OP posts:
Dropdeadfred · 25/02/2009 10:14

I am having that too!!!

compo · 25/02/2009 10:14

yes me too, it's so annoying

mehgalegs · 25/02/2009 10:15

And me, I keep waiting for it to load and then realise it has and have to scroll down.

HelenMumsnet · 25/02/2009 10:16

Hello! Yes, sorry, it's some sort of new glitch.

We're onto it - and the Techs are trying to fix it. Hope you can bear with it in the meantime.

herbietea · 25/02/2009 10:22

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

SammyK · 25/02/2009 10:23

It took me ages yesterday to figure out that the threads I was trying to read hadn't disappeared, but were just miles down the page. {dozy emotion}

compo · 25/02/2009 10:30

thanks Helen and Tech

TickleMe · 25/02/2009 10:45

I was doing the same thing mehgalegs

Thanks MNHQ

OP posts:
LIZS · 25/02/2009 14:48

Help ! I'm only getting about 20 messages in Actvie conversatison instead of the 50 it states.

flowerybeanbag · 25/02/2009 14:48

me too

pagwatch · 25/02/2009 14:49

I am only getting a dozen in active convos as well

smallorange · 25/02/2009 14:49

Use firefox if you have it

Furball · 25/02/2009 14:51

I'm only getting about 20 in active convos

Also the 'choose topic' search still isn't working since the new format, which IMHO is quite important

LIZS · 25/02/2009 22:34

now the navigation header is overlaying the top ad !

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