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NattyPlus2andAHalf · 22/02/2009 13:38

hi i moved areas recently, how can i change who my mumsnet local is? ive updated my account information.

help tech?

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HelenMumsnet · 22/02/2009 15:02

Hi Natty

It's actually quite easy. Just go into Local as usual, then click on Other Sites (6th blue link across under the Mumsnet Local heading).

Then scroll down to Find a Local Site and type your postcode in the box (or click on the right place in the map).

You should then get a list of Local sites (or maybe just one) near you under the heading Click a site to join it.

Click on the Site you want. You may then get a box saying 'div is null'. If you do, ignore it (it's a glitch!), hit ok and then refresh your screen and you should see the new site in the list under Your Local Sites.

Click on Make xxxx (your new site) Home and Bob's your Uncle!

NattyPlus2andAHalf · 22/02/2009 15:52

my mumsnet local heading only has my local. im using the new mumsnet layout, it doesnt have and links under local execpt mine.

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HelenMumsnet · 22/02/2009 16:18

Natty, we you open your Local page, can you see a big bold Mumsnet Local heading?

Underneath that should be a line of blue links like this:
xxxxx (your Local site)| Maps | Prefs | Meet a mum | Classifieds | Other sites | Log out | Local FAQs

You need to click on 'Other sites'

NattyPlus2andAHalf · 22/02/2009 17:35

its saying "div is null"

OP posts:
HelenMumsnet · 22/02/2009 17:38

That's fine (it's a minor glitch). Just click OK, and then refresh your screen. And then carry on...

NattyPlus2andAHalf · 22/02/2009 17:53

ah ok
thank you!

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NikitaTech · 03/04/2009 10:56


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