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Toddler Book - Pre-ordered, but according to Waterstones, the publishers say it is unavailable

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LackaDAISYcal · 03/02/2009 19:10

I was going to put this on the general chat thread about the book, but thought it might get lost.

I pre-ordered my copy when it was first mentioned.....I've just noticed that I got an email on 30th from Waterstones saying that the publishers had confirmed it was not curently available.

how so???? is this because the launch has been put back? I know others have received theirs already though.

wassup with it MNHQ?

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LackaDAISYcal · 03/02/2009 20:14


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IwishIwasmoreorganised · 03/02/2009 20:28

I got mine from Amazon yesterday - not had chance to read any of it yet though

FrazzledFairyFay · 03/02/2009 20:32

Daisy, I ordered mine yesterday and got the same message from Amazon

LackaDAISYcal · 03/02/2009 20:42

Obviously MN underestimated how popular it would be. I'm miffed though as I ordered it a couple of weeks ago

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whomovedmychocolate · 03/02/2009 20:45

I ordered mine from Amazon a week ago and it was dispatched yesterday

FrazzledFairyFay · 03/02/2009 20:46

Sorry, I mean I ordered from Waterstones (sing the MN link), not from Amazon

LackaDAISYcal · 03/02/2009 20:58

mine too fairy. wooed by the propect of a discount.

I bet it was cheaper in amazon as well wmmc!

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whomovedmychocolate · 03/02/2009 22:32

It was actually. I think Waterstones was £2 more expensive!

FrazzledFairyFay · 04/02/2009 13:15

I have just cancelled my waterstones order and re-ordered from amazon - the website says it is in stock. It was also cheaper on Amazon.

HelenMumsnet · 04/02/2009 14:27

LacksaDAISYcal: we're a bit puzzled to hear about that email you got from Waterstone's.

Would you mind forwarding it to us ([email protected])?

And then we can shout at someoneinvestigate...

Hadeda · 04/02/2009 17:52

HelenMumsnet - I got the same email as LacksaDAISYcal and have just forward it to you in case it helps. I also plan to cancel and reorder from Amazon.

HelenMumsnet · 04/02/2009 23:22

Thanks all. We will jump up and down screaming find out what's going on ASAP

LackaDAISYcal · 05/02/2009 12:41

I emailed you last night helen

I can't access my mail server today though, so if you have mailed back, my apologies for ignoring you!

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GrimbleTheResourceful · 05/02/2009 12:58

You need to use a proper, independent bookshop.

"Waterstone's" know nothing about anything.

kettlechip · 05/02/2009 13:25

I got one of those from Waterstones, and have since also had a despatch one (on Tues I think). No sign of the book yet though.. getting impatient!

LackaDAISYcal · 05/02/2009 13:51

no dispatch email for me

thanks for your mail helen

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LackaDAISYcal · 06/02/2009 16:48

My book arrived this morning

It's fab. not quite the real thing, but fab all the same. Well done MN and MP

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