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I've read all the threads but I still can't get mn classic...can someone talk me through it?

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hatwoman · 30/01/2009 23:08

in actual fact I quite like the new style for reading threads - but I don't like the new style for looking over lists of threads - and no matter how many times I do the customise stuff and refresh it's not doing anything. Am I missing something?

OP posts:
ScummyMummy · 30/01/2009 23:56

I is baffled too.

hatwoman · 31/01/2009 00:01

just you and me then scummy...

I was a bit miffed when, having posted this, half of my thread title had disappeared. I had given up hope of anyone even reading it. well thanks for making me feel not quite so lonely...

OP posts:
gigglewitch · 31/01/2009 00:08

hi hat and scummy. the tiny print of the topic titles is shocking for my short sighted eyes...
what's up with your list of threads, could you explain a bit more?

hatwoman · 31/01/2009 00:20

I just find it a bit hard on the eyes - I'm not sure if it's the font size or the spacing or a lack of division between each heading or all 3 - but I can't glance at it and scan the thread titles easily. Once I've clicked on a particular thread I find it quite nice and readable - and not that different from before.

OP posts:
gigglewitch · 31/01/2009 00:25

I really need the threads we've clicked on to change to a different colour as they used to, that is one of the reasons my (crap) eyes are boggled...
how bout you?

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