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New MN and firefox

5 replies

NattyPlus2andAHalf · 30/01/2009 23:02

i prefer to use firefox as my browser, and previously had no trouble.
with the new layout all the ads are sittin in funny places, and the text is halfway down the screen.
its ok in IE tho
could someone have a looksie into this for me?

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fryalot · 30/01/2009 23:03

have you customized and chosen "new mumsnet"?

if not, give that a try, it fixed it for me.

ClementFreudsGreatestAdmirer · 30/01/2009 23:04

it's fine on my firefox ,and i've done nothing fancy.

RipVanTwinklemegan · 30/01/2009 23:04

I'm on Firefox and it's fine for me. I'm in classic view though.

SlartyBartFast · 30/01/2009 23:06

ooh, just pressed new and its loads better
thank you

NattyPlus2andAHalf · 31/01/2009 22:47

oh yes thats fixed it now great thank you!

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