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my pc is showing active convos from Dec and the list of 'threads I'm on ' is from then too.

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princessmel · 13/01/2009 16:01

Laptop is fine.

Any ideas why??


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princessmel · 13/01/2009 16:13

It's so annoying


Can't see current active convos

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Molesworth · 13/01/2009 16:14

check the date on your pc (hold mouse over the time in the bottom right hand corner of your screen if using Windows)

is it showing a December date?

princessmel · 13/01/2009 16:30

oh yes! It's showing 30th April 2003.

it's always doing this...

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princessmel · 13/01/2009 16:32

Why would it do that?? Would a power cut affect it?

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