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Why has the Famous Mumsnetters thread been deleted?

12 replies

ClausImWorthIt · 01/01/2009 17:35

Blimey thread deletion is happening a lot recently. What happened with this one?

OP posts:
goldFAQinsenceandmyrrh · 01/01/2009 17:36

very horrible stuff on it.

XmasPud · 01/01/2009 17:36

ah - I wondered why I could not view that one too. Must be only recently deleted though as still high up in active convos...

sasamax · 01/01/2009 17:36

What kind of horrible stuff?

JollyPirate · 01/01/2009 17:36

It was a bit nasty really - not the OP's fault or anyone posting but it related to a link which could offend.

XmasPud · 01/01/2009 17:37

not another unpleasant thread
glad I missed it then. I came on mumsnet to cheer myself up after a lousy day. Do not need to read bitchy stuff tonight

goldFAQinsenceandmyrrh · 01/01/2009 17:37

yes - sorry didn't explain that too well - as JollyPirate says nothing from anyone on here - linked to another place.

ClausImWorthIt · 01/01/2009 17:38

I was reading it, saw the link and the horrible posts on the Wiki page, but the thread itself wasn't nasty was it? It must have suddely got horrible at the end because I had only just read it!

OP posts:
Mercy · 01/01/2009 17:39

I think I can guess.

ONly one moldie thread is really being allowed plus a reference to someone re spelling/typing errors.

No doubt this one will go too

goldFAQinsenceandmyrrh · 01/01/2009 17:39

no - I think it was so that the people who had been mentioned on it didn't know it happened (or something like that).

Mercy · 01/01/2009 17:40

Oh yes and that horrible addition to WIki.

All really not on.

LoveMyLapTop · 01/01/2009 17:41

what is going on here? I wish things would go back to 'normal'

sasamax · 01/01/2009 17:48

horrible addition to wiki???

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