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Mumsnet is a site in its own league...

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Socci · 28/03/2005 00:24

Message withdrawn

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MunchedTooManyMarsLady · 28/03/2005 00:25


joash · 28/03/2005 00:28

so ... wot other sites are there?

Socci · 28/03/2005 00:30

Message withdrawn

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MunchedTooManyMarsLady · 28/03/2005 00:35

I spend far too much time on here, but my excuse is that I can't do anything else with the DTs. Of course the real reason is that I have an opinion on about everything and I mostly like to share it. I'm incredibly nosey and I like to see how others live their lives.

SuckUpToOtherPostersSocci · 28/03/2005 00:46

Well I like your posts MTMML.

Socci · 28/03/2005 00:50

Message withdrawn

OP posts:
MistressMary · 28/03/2005 08:30

Handbag baby forum is where I used to hang out, but it makes me arghhhhhhh now....
Much much prefer here, cos it's not too familiar.
And not all those piccies and pages to wade through.

hub2dee · 28/03/2005 10:08

Agree. Amazing. However must admit to finding the 'supportive parenting comments' on the circ thread a little too personal in their 'comments' and well-meaning intention.

Hulababy · 28/03/2005 10:49

I use here and one another parenting site. Both have lovely feels to them, but are different in their own ways too.

I used to use Baby World - but I don't like their new format, and the general discussions got very odd at times. I very occasionally revisit my antenatal club there but it is not used much nowadays - only near Christmas/Birthday times.

I also used Raising Kids for a while - but it seems a bit too arguementative for my liking!

maisystar · 28/03/2005 10:51

i only use mn, can't work any other sites and i like 'recognising' people on here now

Kayleigh · 28/03/2005 11:53

There are other sites ???????????/

MunchedTooManyMarsLady · 28/03/2005 11:56

socci I thank you

WideWebWitch · 28/03/2005 12:37

I haven't got time for other sites: I've barely got time for mumsnet and my children (maybe at some point one of them will have to go ) and other sites aren't quite like mn anyway IMO.

MunchedTooManyMarsLady · 28/03/2005 12:39

I'm guessing you'll keep mumsnet? lol

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