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i have got an idea about how to avoid the same thing happening again in future

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Flihgtattendant · 23/12/2008 07:00

I mentioned it on one of the threads but it got kind of rolled over without comment.

It was based on something one of the moldies mentioned actually as an attempt at justification of their group.

She said that other fora have a section for older members, who can only join once they have been around for a certain length of time. It doesn't cause any problems apparently.

Like a senior members lounge.

Now I recognise this is totally different to Moldies as it is actually universally accessible - if you care to stick around long enough, you will get your green card. Simple and transparent. I don't think anyone could argue with that - well I hope not - and it might be somewhere appreciated by those who have been here a really long time.

i am thinking maybe a two year thing, or poss even more...mind you I have been here almost 2 years so heck, where did that figure spring from

Everyone here for that long would get access (I'm not sure tbh why I'd use it, or if i would, but obv some people do seem to feel the need for something similar.)

What does everyone think? Would it solve the problem? I think a lot of moldies could just come back and join that and it would sort them out. it could be un googlable and private like moldies.

It wouldn't help those needing privacy in an acute sense if they were newbies but there are few newbies in Moldies anyway...

The main difference in case anyone is confused, is that it wouldn't be a seeming meritocracy, it would be based on membership length alone, so everyone would get a place eventually, and would not be secret in its very existence, and so on and so forth.

Moldies is a cherry picked sample from our ranks, not a fair system, and people are upset by that.

I thenk you.

OP posts:
SatsumaMoon · 23/12/2008 08:08

I think it could be a popular idea - esp for those whose kids have moved beyond the baby/toddler stage say and don't feel they can take any more threads on BLW or whatever the current hot topic is!

However, as I said on another Mouldie thread, I think some people will always want to be in a cliquetalk privately, off MN, and you can't/shouldn't stop that...
I personally used to hate when MSN was the thing and people would openly post "MSN Now!" to someone and you got the feeling they were talking behind other's backs...

Lizzylou · 23/12/2008 08:13

Good idea

ComeWhineWithMe · 23/12/2008 08:17

Good idea .

littlelamb · 23/12/2008 08:18

I really don't think MNHQ can get involved in all of this craziness- so people are on gasp another forum. I think people have let themselves get upset over this without really acknowledging why they are upset. It's all a bit teenage tbh and I really dislike how all this whinging about being left out has taken over the boards in the last few days. (Am not a moldie btw, have been here 4.5 years. Do I care? NO. It's a chat forum fgs)

LynetteScavo · 23/12/2008 08:24

It does sound like a good idea....the only downside I can see is that you could join, and not really post, then come back in a couple of years and get your green card.

But overall it is a good idea....

Lockets · 23/12/2008 08:34

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

TurkeyLurkyWithAllTheTrimmings · 23/12/2008 08:38

Agree with lockets and littlelamb. If people want to chat to people they 'know' then they can do it on facebook or whereever. One of the things I like about MN is the fact that new posters are popping up all the time. I like a bit of variety and don't want tt be talking to the same names all the time.

If I was new here it might put me off that there was an 'old farts lounge' in the corner - it could create a 'them and us'.

TurkeyLurkyWithAllTheTrimmings · 23/12/2008 08:40

An could mumsnet afford the Werthers Original for such a lounge?

Oh and they'd all argue about who could watch re-runs of Take The High Road.

PeachyBidsYouNadoligLlawen · 23/12/2008 08:44


The more I think about it, as one of the left-outers, it doesn't matter who I talk to on here, half the time I don't know if someone is a troll, namechanger, newbie or so called royalty anyhoo. You read the OP< post if you want or not.

OK there are stories you follow etc and that's grand but I'm sure most of them have benefitted from newbie suport as much as oldie.

Majeika · 23/12/2008 08:45

I really dont know why a splinter group was needed anyway so I know I wouldnt use the 'oldies lounge' and I have been here nearly 6 years.

Surely you come on here for a laugh and some support and while the kids are watching TV and to say hi to a few people. Am not sure why anyone needs to go 'off' in a secret group to say hello to speshul friends. Anyone heard of namechange???? Namechange and then when some 'friends' do pop up you can give them a secret code to say who you used to be...........much easier........LOL!

Majeika · 23/12/2008 08:46

Morning Peachy!

I agree - I dont post because of the poster. I post because of the thread and if I am interested in it or not.

PortAndStilton · 23/12/2008 08:48

I don't think it's a particularly good idea, sorry.

I don't really think any of what happened was an "oldies" versus "newbies" thing -- some posters "get" the Mumsnet ethos and some don't (and that's all fair and reasonable; it's an open forum, after all). Probably more of the newbies, on average, fall into the "don't get" category, but there's no hard-and-fast rule (which is why Moldies (I think) includes plenty of fairly new posters who are judged to be the "right sort"). But then I clearly don't have the critical Moldie X factor, so I may be completely wrong there .

I don't want to decide who I talk to based on how long they've been around (in fact, I think the fact that MN allows namechanging, doesn't keep track of number of posts by an individual, and doesn't have an official "senior member" thing like some other sites is one of its strengths). And you can have newbies with teenagers, or oldies who have a new baby.

VinegarTitsTheSeasonToBeJolly · 23/12/2008 08:49

I think its a good idea

I have been here nearly 2 years and i wouldnt personally feel the need to have it, i like to blend in with everyone

PeachyBidsYouNadoligLlawen · 23/12/2008 08:51

Something else I thought- when I ahd a big problem a few months back, most of the posters were not names I recognised; almost all seemed to know me. And were happy to post on my thread.

I really appreciated that- very much so. having ahd a few down times over the past few eyars, the newbies have been as good as anyone else.

I'm glad it's an open form, and that it's evolvd. I did like cod, she was OK, but I was never so confident about the sucker up types. An oldie lounge would just morph into that with some less welcome than others I reckon.

The biggest mistake anyone made was letting the people not chosen kno I reckon, and next time we know that if something similar happens we get the post deleted to protect peoples feleing. lesson learned now.

Flihgtattendant · 23/12/2008 08:54

Ok, thanks all.

A couple of things

I don't think I'd want to use it much either, but then I don't get moldies so who knows what others might see in it

I see it could be divisive...but at least would be transparent and open to all who were long term users
and maybe it's right there should be an element of them and us in that sense...all the 'them' stuff could be brought to bear in the oldies lounge if they wanted it, like special take the high road coasters etc,
while we could get on with our nice normal site

It might stop the moaning you used to get about 'them and us' anyway, line would be more clear cut as it were

and they could moan about it in privacy...

I doubt it would be open to much abuse - why jopin, wait two years then go straight in - and if so, bully for you. fraeks

erm...all i can think of. oh yes - crucially - I believe Justine was trying to think of some alternative ways of managing the dissent, such as blog related mini forums etc etc etc, can't remember exactly, and asked us what we all thought - so this is my sugestion in the light of that.

HQ can take fifth if they wish, just an idea...hope it does appeal to some, if it gets knocked down that's Ok too. Democracy innit

OP posts:
PeachyBidsYouNadoligLlawen · 23/12/2008 08:56

it's certainly worth considering FA and a damn sight better than anything i've come up with

WalkinginWaynettaWonderland · 23/12/2008 08:56

If you do this, don't you by inference exlude 'newbies', and therefore end up in a similar situation?

TurkeyLurkyWithAllTheTrimmings · 23/12/2008 08:56

ooh 'Take The High Road Coasters' eh? I take it all back, it's the best idea you'vr had all year Flight

SatsumaMoon · 23/12/2008 08:57

You are right that it wasn't an oldies versus newbies thing - but in some ways I think that's why some of the oldies who were excluded feel so hurt - I have been here for nearly 5 years but don't really consider myself an oldie as I don't post much - but some of the older and more prolific posters who have developed a rapport with those have joined Moldies feel a bit abandoned I think...

ChirpyGrinch · 23/12/2008 08:57

I can see your point but what could you do in a 'senior' members forum that you couldn't do elsehwere on the site?
I mean even if you wait 2 years there woudl still be people I didn't want to chat to/see particular threads popping up, it's part of the fun!

Flihgtattendant · 23/12/2008 08:58

A lot of you saying, 'we don't need it, i prefer to talk to all' etc

well fine, me too - but in case some element of our collective does feel the need, maybe it would appeal to them...and it would include the freedom to post everywhere, of course. so you wouldn't be banished once you got your bus pass. Just get a bit extra iyswim. in case you wanted to use it.

The more i think about it the more i think its a bit naff actually, but as i said I never got the idea behind moldies, so it takes all sorts obv...

OP posts:
Flihgtattendant · 23/12/2008 09:00'll have to ask the moldies that I think

not a clue what they do there that they don't do here...


OP posts:
Flihgtattendant · 23/12/2008 09:00


this is more like it
OP posts:
EffiePerine · 23/12/2008 09:02

I don't like the idea personally (and I've been here over 2 years now I tot it up). Surely the point is that if people don;t like the forum as it stands they can bugger off? I can't think of any reason why I would want to talk with someone simply because they'd been here a certain amount of time.

If you did this I suspect it would eat itself (as I imagine will happen with the Moldies forum, must be very dull and respectable over there )

VinegarTitsTheSeasonToBeJolly · 23/12/2008 09:02

I think the oldies v's newbies thing was only with certain posters and i think they have gone now

Maybe take a vote on with the oldies that are left and ask if they feel the need for it?

Personally all this oldies v newbies is a bit Meeeeeh.

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