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Could there be a 'Dear Marjorie' type topic please where one might remain anonymous?

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glitterkitty · 07/11/2008 21:14

For those of us who dont want to sully our good names when we have an 'embarrasing problem' 'UCM is that youuuuu'- but dont want to be accused of trollery because we name change? Or cant be arsed to name change?

The original post could be anonymous but responses would be as usual?

Just a thought. [hopeful emoticon]

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RiojaLover75 · 07/11/2008 21:17

Good idea!!! Everyone has days like that where they NEED to ask a question urgently.

nickytwotimes · 07/11/2008 21:18

Excellent suggestion.
There probably would be a fair amount of trollery on it though.

whomovedmychocolate · 07/11/2008 21:22

But then we'd spend hours discussing who it really was.

We like to enjoy your shame you see

glitterkitty · 07/11/2008 21:31
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HelenMumsnet · 07/11/2008 22:31

Will pass that one on to the Higher Powers, glitterkitty, but I fear nickytwotimes may be right - trollery might abound

NotanOtterOHappyDay · 07/11/2008 22:34

Dear Cathy and Claire you mean!

mrsmaidamess · 07/11/2008 22:36

why should we let a couple of 'trolls ' (if I hear that word again on here, so help me God) stop people posting in what might be a very useful thread?

PussinJimmyWhoooos · 07/11/2008 22:41

Well, name changing does work...unless like another stalwart mnetter (not me obv!!) who had a rather embarrassing problem of a clitoral nature, you forget to name change and post back in the thread....

glitterkitty · 07/11/2008 22:56

helen- because maybe it could be that you only posted once- anonymously. So any trollery would be restricted- because of the lack of oppurtunity to keep responding?

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