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Active conversations sans chat

12 replies

Justine (mumsnet) · 09/03/2005 13:17

There is a new link for this for those that would like to not see the chat threads. Hope you like it - let us know if not .

OP posts:
Twiglett · 09/03/2005 15:34

Well I think its very clever


I would far prefer an active conversations list where I can remove other boards (like For Sale, Feeling Depressed, Wanted, Style etc)

Is there anyway you can just do an active conversations and click to see active conversations you actually like (like the tickbox in search)

HardcoreEnid · 09/03/2005 15:35

Ditto - see my thread on the Ignore button.

No more For Sale!
No more Feeling Depressed!
And no more Pets!


emkana · 09/03/2005 15:36

I would love that, too, twiglett!
Also a "last day" option that could be customized (as you can now) but then saved so that you don't have to go through choosing the topics every time.

Marina · 09/03/2005 15:36

It is a great idea in principle..but , I think our favourite Marmite-flavoured snack is on to something alternative to "Ignore", maybe?

Cod · 09/03/2005 15:37

Message withdrawn

SeaShells · 09/03/2005 15:39

Oh yes that would be good, a search active convos option and omit the topics that you are not interested in!

Tinker · 09/03/2005 15:53

Is there really a Pets topic???

Marina · 09/03/2005 15:56

Yes, Tinker, there is. Or so I believe.

WideWebWitch · 09/03/2005 15:59

Agree with Twiglett, that would be lovely and v useful. I never ever read 'pets' for example and am never ever going to.

Tinker · 09/03/2005 16:01

Oh Pets is good, have just looked

Snugs · 09/03/2005 16:01

You can, in effect, all ready do these things.

Use find new messages and store a list of favourite topics. Make sure you are logged in to site and then use 'new messages since I last searched'.

Snugs · 09/03/2005 16:02

oh and for emkana, store your favourites but then click on last day/last hour as appropriate

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