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Well that's one way of getting you all to stop fighting...

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JustineMumsnet · 13/10/2008 14:42

Sorry about that - you know who to blame of course

OP posts:
childrenofthecornsilk · 13/10/2008 14:43

Go on then - who pulled out the plug?

Grublin · 13/10/2008 14:43

I had to explore the rest of the internet!
Glad you're back

SaTanicGore · 13/10/2008 14:44

Lapin is accepting all responsibility.

HuwEdwards · 13/10/2008 14:44

Whilst tech was having a brew and lighting up a quick fag, he leaned on the big red 'STOP MN' button...

jumpingbeans · 13/10/2008 14:44

I got 3 letters written, thanks

Carmenere · 13/10/2008 14:44

I did think that perhaps it had actually imploded...

OrmIrian · 13/10/2008 14:44

Aha! The 'if you can't play nicely I'll take the toy away' ploy eh?

littlelapin · 13/10/2008 14:45

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

FAQ · 13/10/2008 14:45

do you realise what you've done

I decided to check on a website I use to collect points which can eventually be cashed in for money I usually just click on the daily emails and watch it (very slowly) add up ............and discovered that had I bothered to log in 6 months ago I could have earned 1000's of points with the online purchases/contracts I've taken out.

If you hadn't done that I'd never have know

TheArmadillo · 13/10/2008 14:46

can you do that several times a day for about 15 mins a time please

Got my arse of the chair and got work done.

PestoFangsLookGoodOnMeMonster · 13/10/2008 14:50

You're a very naughty bunny

littlelapin · 13/10/2008 14:50

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Simplysally · 13/10/2008 14:55

I'd just typed out a fairly wordy reply and it was all to nowt .. I think.

Ah well, people than me had probably said it better by then anyway.

Simplysally · 13/10/2008 14:56

People other than me.... etc.

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