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MN Towers: Please can you load the last two talk roundups

6 replies

fanjolina · 11/10/2008 08:33

They are missing from the pages that you link to via the "newsletters" link above. Last one is from Sept 26th. I am missing reading MP's summary of events.

OP posts:
DraculaNeedsArteries · 11/10/2008 08:41

Me email is buggered and although I am registered I am relying on reading them from teh links at tthe top.

Also teh newsletters are missing too....

AbbyMumsnet · 11/10/2008 11:25

Will ask someone tecchy to oblige - won't be until Monday though. Sorry!

fanjolina · 11/10/2008 21:31

Thanks Abby

OP posts:
ImNotOnline · 13/10/2008 15:39

Pretty please?

BigTech · 13/10/2008 16:19

On it....

Will be updating weekly. Sorry for the delay.

GeraldineMumsnet · 13/10/2008 17:44

Talk roundup and Newsletter archives up to date (current ones will be archived as soon as we've done the next ones).

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