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Can we have a christmas topic yet???

16 replies

lunavix · 23/09/2008 19:24


OP posts:
Bubble99 · 23/09/2008 19:33


Go away.

Are you a Santa lookalike trying to drum up trade?

GeraldineMumsnet · 23/09/2008 19:51

Hi, Justine has posted elsewhere in site stuff saying that the Xmas topic will be live from the beginning of next month. Stand by to deck the halls etc

SammyK · 24/09/2008 15:27

Ooh I came on here to start this very same thread. Think everyone is starting preparations early this year to save money budget.

cremolafoam · 24/09/2008 15:33

no. stop it now.

have made a list already tho

nappyaddict · 25/09/2008 20:15

i have to wait until october humph!

lunavix · 28/09/2008 11:34

not just me then

OP posts:
morningpaper · 29/09/2008 13:57

Where IS it already?

I want to talk hampers and slow gin and stuff

What's the MATTER with this site eh?

Nagapie · 29/09/2008 13:58

slow gin??

LynetteScavo · 29/09/2008 13:59

We need one so the bah humbug types can hide all the Christmas threads.

Charlee · 29/09/2008 14:01


I want one to i am dying to ask loads of xmas questions, but am not brave to do it without the comfort blanket of a specail topic for it!

Fimbo · 29/09/2008 14:01

I want a fantastic christmas name this year, but as usual can't think of any.

Charlee · 29/09/2008 14:02

When we do get it can we have a thread that all xmas haters cannot somehow not acsess, i hate it when we have a xmas thread and about 100 people post just to say how much they hate xams and how comercial it is blah blah blah............

morningpaper · 29/09/2008 14:08

lol @ my typo

Obviously I mean fast gin

Nagapie · 29/09/2008 14:09

Thought so - slow gin would be unbearable!!

BlingLovin · 29/09/2008 14:14

DP has started burning christmas candles to get us into the mood. He loves Christmas. It's so cute.

BlingLovin · 29/09/2008 14:14

Oh god, never tell him I referred to his christmas obsession as cute...!

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