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as we now have a topic for celeb rubbish

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saint2shoes · 23/09/2008 11:25

why has the celeb thread in the news not been moved??

OP posts:
GeraldineMumsnet · 23/09/2008 11:46

it's on my to-do list - will get on with it shortly

saint2shoes · 23/09/2008 15:15

thank you
I love celeb rubish, but not in the news

OP posts:
GeraldineMumsnet · 23/09/2008 15:49

have moved some of them, but if we've missed any recent ones that are particularly bugging you, let us know and we'll move them too. And please report any that are in the wrong place in future.

saint2shoes · 23/09/2008 18:09


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