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ok, so this 'moonwatch' thing you have going.......................

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psychomum5 · 16/09/2008 18:57 it going towards some fabulous research???

or does it tell you lots about how hellish insane and psychotic lovely we all must be in RL???

or is it that during 'moonwatch', you all bugger off and switch off MN thro utter fear???

inquiring minds want to know!

OP posts:
DrHorrible · 16/09/2008 19:10

tis so me n stgeorge don't have to tell people when it is a full moon

psychomum5 · 16/09/2008 19:11


so there is scientific reasoning behind it then!!!

OP posts:
psychomum5 · 16/09/2008 20:22


the mind still wishes to know

OP posts:
JustineMumsnet · 17/09/2008 13:20

It's so we can all know when it's full moon time and therefore to walk on eggshells/take things with a pinch of salt/tread carefully and a host of other cliches.

(We have, in a thoroughly unscientific way, found over the years that the prevalence of rows/flouncing/meltdowns tends to increase around full moon time. Make of that what you will.)

But maybe it's no longer interesting/funny - what do you think? Shall we bin or keep?

psychomum5 · 17/09/2008 13:24

I like it, and it does explain certain threads at times (well, from my veiwpoint at least).

and it kind of gives warning that the trolls are coming out to play very soon too!!

I just wondered what you had proven with it, if you had at all, and what that made you do during moonwatch....

which is 'walk on eggshells', and presumably ignore the lot of us!!!

OP posts:
FAQ · 17/09/2008 13:26

oh you must keep it - I used to work in a care home (before I knew about the MN "moon" thing) and I was told that "oh they get really funny when it's new moon" - I thought it was rubbish, but over time I realised that the hardest shifts were indeed around the fullmoon!!!

Carmenere · 17/09/2008 13:28

Keep it, it adds context.

when I worked in restaurants, you would always get nutters in at full moons, that was before they had mn to play on.

BCNS · 17/09/2008 13:31

Kepp it.. cos then i know I have 2 weeks to go till AF .. I have become lazy you see

psychomum5 · 17/09/2008 13:35

ah yes, like BCNS I too know when my period is going on the moonwatch timing.

OP posts:
DrHorrible · 17/09/2008 13:47

I like it

WhereTheWildThingsWere · 17/09/2008 13:50

Oooooooooooooooooooooh keep it.

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