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Those adverts are taking up an awful lot of space ...

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Gobby2 · 22/02/2005 12:11

don't you agree?

OP posts:
NomDePlume · 22/02/2005 12:11


WideWebWitch · 22/02/2005 12:12

yes, they're 3 high on some topics.

Carriemumsnet · 22/02/2005 18:51

Think you must be talking about the ones on Becoming a Parent and agree they don't look quite right... not sure what's happened but will alert tech.


JoolsToo · 22/02/2005 18:52

thank you - what an efficient service

beachyhead · 22/02/2005 18:52

gosh quick work

tech · 22/02/2005 20:17

was me being a halfwit. there should only be one now

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