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id like a xmas topic because i dont normally hide them but i would like to hide that one

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zippitippitoes · 26/08/2008 09:41

......instead of not bringing xmas out till late as some fuckers suckers organised folk want to talk about xmas can it have a topic and then it could be hidden

OP posts:
Ceolas · 26/08/2008 09:42

There is a Christmas topic (there was last year at least) but it doesn't appear til Oct I think.

Cappuccino · 26/08/2008 09:43

there is one


zippitippitoes · 26/08/2008 09:44

yeah i know there is one but it is not usable

so make it usable

then they can post in it and i can hide it

i have no idea what i will be doing at xmas and dont want to think about it tbh

OP posts:
wuzzlefraggle · 26/08/2008 09:46

I'm gonna lurk lol. For some really demented reason I have xmas on the brain...I know - it's not even September yet

Oh God. I'm -ing at myself

zippitippitoes · 26/08/2008 09:47

we have this argument every year i know but we didnt used to have topic hiding

well maybe we did have last year i cant remember

OP posts:
wuzzlefraggle · 26/08/2008 09:47

I suck

TrinityRhino · 26/08/2008 09:49

I second the xmas topic thing

only so I can use it and not piss off loads of people

zippitippitoes · 26/08/2008 09:53

of course this genius idea isnt mine i nicked it off of the other thread

credit to someone else i cant be arsed to find out who

OP posts:
BBBee · 26/08/2008 09:56

oh yes - let's put all the chirstimas posts together and then hide them.

I hate it - for me it is like those 'have you don;e your tax return' adverts with adam hart davies.

I don;t want to be reminded - I will do it in my own sweet time.

zippitippitoes · 26/08/2008 10:03

right we have established that christmas does exist as a topic but ITS NOT IN THE TOPIC LISTS

so could you rectify that sweethearts techs

OP posts:
BigTech · 26/08/2008 10:34


As Cappuccino so rightly pointed out:


As it is still officially Summer, although it doesn't look that way outside, there is still some time before Christmas.

I am sure the Christmas topic will appear.

Enjoy Summer whilst it is still here.

LackaDAISYcal · 26/08/2008 10:38

I have been looking aghast at the number of thread titles with Cristmas in them over the last week. Let me get the annual unifrom buying frenzy out of the way first, please.

I'm with Capp on this one; LOONS, the lot of 'em

Remotew · 26/08/2008 10:40

So its not possible to hide the Christmas topic atm. I want to hide it.

deanychip · 26/08/2008 10:41

nononono! not LOONS very stressed and worried about it, just asking for top tips to ease the stress. need to start now because ive got so many to buy for.
Tis the same every year at this time....

and breath
deany scrabbles around the cupboards for her pills...
see, perfectly NORMAL

zippitippitoes · 26/08/2008 10:42

big tech

point is people are starting xmas threads

it is called market forces

so put the xmas topic in the topic list so they can use it and WE CAN HIDE IT

OP posts:
RustyBear · 26/08/2008 10:45

You can hide every thread with Christmas/Xmas in its title.
But of course you'd have to hide this one too...

Zippi,(and all of you who have posted here) have you realised this title is now going to be lurking in your Threads I'm On list, so you'll keep seeing Xmas there.

You really can't escape.....

GeraldineMumsnet · 26/08/2008 16:26

Requests for xmas thread noted. But given some of us still on our summer holidays, can you hold off decking the halls for a little bit longer? We'll decide where and when Christmas thread is going asap and let you know.

scattyspice · 26/08/2008 16:28

I love Christmas.

(Sorry that just slipped out).

GeraldineMumsnet · 26/08/2008 16:44
EachPeachPearMum · 29/08/2008 17:01

I posted in the christmas topic only a couple of days ago..... and it doesn't appear in the ThreadsI'mOn!
Why not?

EachPeachPearMum · 29/08/2008 20:39

Oooops- I lied....

Zippi- a back-door key ......

EachPeachPearMum · 29/08/2008 20:40

Zippi - you are already ON that thread

Dragonbutter · 29/08/2008 20:41

i've already bagged my christmas name.

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