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Please can we have the essential info on this thread made permanent?

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Monkeytrousers · 21/07/2008 23:32

pushchair friendly tube stations

OP posts:
Monkeytrousers · 21/07/2008 23:33

or distilled into a permanat page on MN I mean - with info on other places around UK?


OP posts:
Monkeytrousers · 21/07/2008 23:34

cannot spell after two glasses of wins soz

OP posts:
MrsSprat · 21/07/2008 23:40

Great idea. Loads of people come on asking for advice on how to 'do London', could add in things like fab places to change a nappy on the go too!

Would love to see more buggy confidence on the streets of London!

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