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Happy birthday emoticons

4 replies

lazarou · 18/06/2008 11:05

How about a smiley face with a little wavy line coming out of it to signify a balloon for celebrations?

Or would it just look like a sperm?

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lazarou · 18/06/2008 11:06

The same emoticon could be used for 'congratulations on your pregnancy!' I suppose, kill two birds with one stone

OP posts:
AbbyMumsnet · 18/06/2008 11:15

Am seeing sperm, it has to be said. Anyhow, will ask.

Blandmum · 18/06/2008 11:17

Ohh thin end of a wedge?

emoticons for weddings with a smiley bridezilla?

Baby emoticons?

Pregnancy test emoticons?

lazarou · 18/06/2008 11:21

HA ha! COngratulations on your pregnancy test!

'It was negative'


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