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HELP! Been trying to upload photos!

9 replies

DanJARMouse · 11/06/2008 22:57

and it wont let me!

Tried the other day and trying again now, and it just isnt happening! Am using Picasa to resize them to the reccomended 600 but still no luck.... anyone got any ideas!

OP posts:
AbbyMumsnet · 11/06/2008 22:57

Will ask tech to post tomorrow.

DanJARMouse · 11/06/2008 22:58

thank you!! x

OP posts:
Ledodgy · 11/06/2008 22:58

I found that resizing them very small they let me upload then I increased them on the page iyswim.

DanJARMouse · 11/06/2008 23:06

ledodgy - you little star! THANK YOU.

Have managed to upload a few now!

OP posts:
Ledodgy · 11/06/2008 23:09
Ledodgy · 11/06/2008 23:10

Just had a ganders he's adorable!

Ledodgy · 11/06/2008 23:10

As are your other two!

DanJARMouse · 11/06/2008 23:13

LOL he is very gorgeous!!! THe other 2 are ok i guess, but babies are my thing!!!

OP posts:
Ledodgy · 11/06/2008 23:22

Lol I know what you mean I have to make sure I photograph them all equally but dc3 is sooo photogenic!

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