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How about a 'Beauty & Fashion' topic?!

23 replies

Branster · 21/01/2005 22:34

Would this be possible MN?

There is a fair number of threads on such topics and I find them very interesting and useful.

What do other people think?
I know hester is interested and am sure I came accross somonelse's message somewhere mentioning it.

What do other people think?

OP posts:
Caligula · 21/01/2005 22:48

I'm sure this was suggested before, don't know why it wasn't taken up, but I'd read it!

charleypops · 21/01/2005 22:57

After reading that interesting eye cream thread, I posted we should have a cosmetics thread - I think beauty and separate fashion threads would be a great idea!

scaltygirl · 21/01/2005 23:00

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

tamum · 21/01/2005 23:10

Definitely. Good idea

paolosgirl · 21/01/2005 23:43

Definitely yes please! It would save me a fortune - I'm the ad man's (and woman's) dream.

charleypops · 22/01/2005 18:35

I'm developing a thing about my neck skin, so I hope this happens soon!

Newbarnsleygirl · 22/01/2005 18:37

YES YES YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

charleypops · 23/01/2005 17:48

how many posts do you think we need on this thread before we've got a good case?

PuffTheMagicDragon · 23/01/2005 18:01

Yes please, I know we have lots of topics already, but I'd find it useful.

romilly · 26/01/2005 16:08

Yes please - pretty please...

rachelf · 26/01/2005 21:42

We're pretty much at our limit of topics at the moment, so really for a new one to start, we need to allow an old one to lie. We'll certainly keep a record of your request and if/when we decide to say goodbye to a topic that isn't so successful, we'll consider this as an alternative.

Rachel, Carrie and Justine

Branster · 28/01/2005 22:11

Thanks for your reply Rachel, Carrie and Justine!

Perfectly understandable.


OP posts:
Carriemumsnet · 08/02/2005 13:58

Hi all

Well we've had another think about this and we think it's a great idea. Even better, we've also recently lost the Wine Club, so there's even room for another topic. We just wondered if anyone could think of anything a bit less prosaic than Beauty and Fashion as a title. It may not be possible - we know that's what most mags call this type of section - but it might be fun to at least go thro the other options before deciding!

Your suggestions please.....

motherinferior · 08/02/2005 14:00


Keep young and beautiful, if you wanna be loved?

Desperate Housewives?

Lovely Laydeez?

Slap and Tickle?

bundle · 08/02/2005 14:01

style and/or pampering?

bundle · 08/02/2005 14:02

oh MI, you're much better at this than me All that time you spend cooing over jewel-coloured cardigan sites has paid off,hasn't it?

motherinferior · 08/02/2005 14:03
tamum · 08/02/2005 14:15

Hurrah, thanks Carrie.

Lots of fab suggestions for titles

Carriemumsnet · 08/02/2005 18:05

Love desperate housewives but fear we may get rather different discussions than fashion and beauty...
Keep the suggestions coming
We'll make a decision on Thursday

charleypops · 08/02/2005 19:45

Oo I can't wait to find out which is the best mascara!

motherinferior · 08/02/2005 19:48

The Body Beautiful?

General Gorgeousness?

I do like Slap and Tickle...

Poo2 · 08/02/2005 19:49

Max Factor 200 calories mascara is the only one for me.

Poo2 · 08/02/2005 19:50

Motherinferior - please, what you do in the privacy of your own home...

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