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So what is happening with the site these days? - Currently Unavailabe

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QuintessentialShadows · 16/05/2008 10:56

It wont load pages, It wont refresh, everything is at a standstill most of the time. Then, is currently unavailable with a big red stop sign. What is this all about?

I have no parental control on MY login, but I do run firewalls and antispyware etc.

Is there something new regards to funky advertisements that is stopped? Or is there a problem on the site? Or is it just me?

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FioFio · 16/05/2008 10:57

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

WanderingTrolley · 16/05/2008 10:57

OK here.

zippitippitoes · 16/05/2008 10:58

how did you get in then did you drive a 4x4 through the plate glass

QuintessentialShadows · 16/05/2008 11:01

Yes zippi, something like that. I took my tractor.

It is coming and going. I have to restart explorer, then try five or so times.

how sad am I.

My toddler is livid with the amount of time I spend on here the last few days tearing my hair and getting nothing much done at all. Just to try and read ONE thread. thyroid cancer

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WanderingTrolley · 16/05/2008 11:02

lol Fio

Perhaps your computer hates you? Mine takes these childish turns with me. A short application of my foot to the front panel soon shows it who's boss.

Teuch · 16/05/2008 11:04

now...someone recently mentioned something about all of your MN pages being cached (or someshuch!!) and slowing your computer down

Perhaps someone of less limited knowledge can come and tell us all how to remedy that again?

QuintessentialShadows · 16/05/2008 16:48

No, it is not the cache, the problem is mostly occuring in the morning and in the evening, not so much in the afternoon.

OP posts:
QuintessentialShadows · 16/05/2008 21:37

HELP I cannot go to the same thread twice without closing the browser and logging in again!!!!

OP posts:
QuintessentialShadows · 17/05/2008 13:24


I keep getting "operation aborted" if I am trying to post, or click on "Active conversations" and if I do manage to post and want to manouvre away, it says " is currently unavailable". It is very tiresome.

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NotABanana · 17/05/2008 13:25

You okay?

littlelapin · 17/05/2008 13:26

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

QuintessentialShadows · 17/05/2008 13:53

thanks LL. (I am well. My sister is not, so reference to her)

Yes, banana, I am fine, just frustrated over being behind a glasswindow, lol.

shall email tech.

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littlelapin · 17/05/2008 14:24

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

QuintessentialShadows · 17/05/2008 21:31

I installed an IP phone the other day, and Skype, think it might be connected....

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