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MUMSNET HQ - Please could you switch the site off after 11pm

18 replies

tiredandgrumpy · 21/04/2008 22:33 I can get an early night just for once.

Every evening I crawl upstairs at a reasonable time, desperate for an early night, then think why not just check my emails. This is closely followed by a sneaky check on Mumsnet (as now) and next thing I know it's way past bedtime and I add yet another late night to catch up for sometime.

OP posts:
Beauregard · 21/04/2008 22:34
JustineMumsnet · 21/04/2008 22:35

hear hear!

Califrau · 21/04/2008 22:37

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TsarChasm · 21/04/2008 22:37

Yes play the National Anthem and then the little dot will fade into the middle of the screen and the testcard will come on.

onepieceoflollipop · 21/04/2008 22:38

And whoever is "on call" at MN Towers could also get an early night instead of staying awake to keep an eye out for naughty posts.

AbbyMumsnet · 21/04/2008 22:39

What a cracking idea.

Jenkeywoo · 21/04/2008 22:39

actually could you please close it down now? - I have to learn the entire 'Endocrine system' for my Anatomy and Physiology course tomorrow and I can't off of MN. Help.

PinkTulips · 21/04/2008 22:39

o god yes

every night i pop on to 'check my emails' quickly after putting the kids down and end up still sitting here with a crick in my neck and bloodshot eyes at gone 12

edam · 21/04/2008 22:40

Seconded (well, fifth-ed but YKWIM).

Testcard could have a message saying: 'Go to bed NOW or you will be tired and grumpy in the morning just like your own mother told YOU'.

TheRealMrsOsborne · 21/04/2008 22:42


I'll have to watch repeats of Jeremy Kyle if you do that

sophiebbb · 21/04/2008 22:42

And my baby is due tomorrow and I simply MUST get some sleep - have spent the past fortnight having too many late nights on MN!

choccypig · 21/04/2008 22:43

Maybe we need a "Mumsnet Anonymous" for addicts.

lilolilmanchester · 21/04/2008 22:44

here here tiredandgrumpy.Also, could you please close down couple of hours during the days i don't work so I can get some housework done? And all day on the days I do work so I don't get the sack? Please?

PinkTulips · 21/04/2008 22:47

yes, non access to MN the days dp is at his course would be good. poor kids get horribly neglected those days as the PC is free for me to use

onepieceoflollipop · 21/04/2008 22:48

sophiebb you should really stay on here as a service to all those mnetters who would like to "see" a live birth on the site.

sophiebbb · 21/04/2008 22:51

My birth doesn't seem like it's going anywhere at the moment - am now convinced that because of MN I have a back to back baby which is going to go well past due date!! Should be on all fours encouraging it to lie properly, but always lying slouched on my back in bed on my laptop on MN!!

Psychomum5 · 21/04/2008 22:52

if not a cold close down, then maybe something put into our 'personal preferance' so that we can opt the time (and so not leave any of our overseas ladies out), and then we actually cannot access it at our choosing...

oh, and to prevent overiding our descision, it should be one time only of choosing, and the only way to change is to deregister and then make up a new name!!!!

K20 · 29/04/2008 22:17

I definitely need "Mumsnet Anonymous" and a 12 step programme. I thought it my addiction would calm down when I wasn't working (in an office) ... but nooooo it's just changed to straight after the morning school run (just to catch up of course) and as soon as the Dcs go to bed.

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