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Are they loads of people on here atm? It is taking an age to load a page again.

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NotABanana · 10/04/2008 15:31


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southeastastra · 11/04/2008 12:33

see my thread here may be useful to you

GeekBoy · 11/04/2008 13:33

errm.. ...MN Towers really need to look at performance if people are going to start using ad-blockers to improve things!

NotABanana · 11/04/2008 15:22

I get that circle thing just going round and round when I am waiting for a page to come up and it drives me 'nanas as there is no clue as to how long it will take.

OP posts:
southeastastra · 11/04/2008 15:56

i have it too, the only way round i've found is to install firefox then add on a blocker.

it is annyoning and i've told mn towers geekboy for weeks, think they're having tech troubles maybe.

GeekBoy · 11/04/2008 16:03

it's still slow with ad-blockers....

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