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MNHQ - could we have a section for "Thumbs Up" that are good places for carers/people with disabilities?

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UniversallyChallenged · 05/04/2008 09:37

Saying what facilities/discounts the places give?

A thumbs down too would be good though i understand if that bit could get a bit contentious!!

Have scanned through topic list and cant find anything like it so apologies if there already is

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2shoes · 05/04/2008 14:54

good idea. if not a thread in other would do for now. I need suggestions for the warminster area.

UniversallyChallenged · 05/04/2008 21:32

bump for any 2shoes help or MNHQ?

OP posts:
carriemumsnet · 05/04/2008 22:04

We should probably add this function to Local rather than Talk- no? Make it a searchable field - special facilities for carers/people with disabilities?

We hoping to give Local a bit of a revamp in next few weeks so assuming it's technically possible, we'll try and include.

Thanks for the suggestion.

2shoes · 05/04/2008 22:11

good idea, and thanks from me as I never thought of asking in the "local" for that area(dimwit emotion)

UniversallyChallenged · 06/04/2008 13:11

Thanks Carrie

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