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Is the search function broken??? It ain't finding all the posts I know exist...

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SlightlyMadSecretSoundWinner · 14/03/2008 21:49

Cos if I search on a posters name (I ain't telling you who cos they will know think I am stalking them), it brings up a number of posts from today BUT i can go directly to other threads where they have posted and see their posts.

It ain't a typo of the name.

Is MN indexed like google and therefore subject to delays between a post appearing and being searchable? I am sure I have seen some v v recent results on a search before.

OP posts:
hoxtonchick · 14/03/2008 21:51

search doesn't work for me if i put date parameters in. waaaaaaaaaah. 'tis really annoying.

SlightlyMadSecretSoundWinner · 14/03/2008 21:56

Not even if you click the today/yesterday options?


Actually whilst we are on the point would it be possible to change the today/yesterday clicks to a small list of radio buttons with the options:

Last hour (maybe this is pushing it???)
Last 3 days
Last week
Last month
User specified (with the typable boxes..)

OP posts:
littlelapin · 14/03/2008 21:59

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SlightlyMadSecretSoundWinner · 14/03/2008 22:03

Maybe it has our vostro quiche chest infection

OP posts:
SlightlyMadSecretSoundWinner · 15/03/2008 20:28

Its still got the lurgy, there are still posts hiding from the wonderful search function....

OP posts:
AbbyMumsnet · 15/03/2008 20:55

I'll flag it up to the tech team.

SlightlyMadSecretSoundWinner · 15/03/2008 22:11

TY, can you pass on my suggestions in the 3rd post too please????

OP posts:
AbbyMumsnet · 15/03/2008 23:33

Seems to be working ok for me at the moment - is there any change that you've got some topics excluded from your search options?

AbbyMumsnet · 15/03/2008 23:34

I meant chance (it is late).

SlightlyMadSecretSoundWinner · 15/03/2008 23:35

No if I search for a certain poster, I can see one post from a given thread - even though they have posted about 4 times on teh same thread....

OP posts:
SlightlyMadSecretSoundWinner · 15/03/2008 23:39

If I search for "Abbymumsnet" I don't see your last post "I meant chance (it is late)", but see the other comments on this thread...

OP posts:
SlightlyMadSimnelCake · 17/03/2008 17:01

TY Tech...the missing posts seem to have come out of hidin....

YetMoreTech · 17/03/2008 18:04

This has been fixed, we hope.

If any more instances of search not working as you'd expect do happen please start a new thread.


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